Commit log #46


Today was more self-hatred. But three good things!

1. I distracted myself with Stepping on Roses, seven volumes from the library. Emma (not that Emma) this ain’t. It’s a romance, but… well… let’s just say it’s not the healthiest of romances around. The general atmosphere while reading it reminds me of my family while I was growing up, and my mother was pestering me to tell her stories of all her various affairs with men in power. She would have tripped off on this stuff, and, well, at least now I understand why she wanted me to tell her these awful stories, even if it makes my skin crawl. The comment under “Be Careful What You Wish For” on the TVTropes page there is the series in a nutshell.

2. I participated in a writing Google hangout by accident, and ended up writing 600 words of a scene I was dragging my feet on writing, because it’s from the antagonists’ points of view. I’m starting to realize that I really do have to write through the story and then rewrite the heck out of the scenes. Everything is interconnected. And this scene needs to exist; I could get away with it being on implied if I were writing from limited POVs, but no, I’m trying for omniscient. I’m going to be doing this again tomorrow, at basically 9am for me!

3. I walked some good walking’s and bought stuff. I’m thinking of buying another Timbuk2 because I want to travel (and my bartender says I need to travel) and visit friends, and my current backpack just reminds me of work. Excuse to do some more righteous walking tomorrow.

I still hate myself but I know it’s illogical to do so, which takes some of the sting out of the whole thing.

And now, it’s either Sailor Moon, Watch It Played, or go hunting for Gollum.