Commit log #48


Three good things, because I need them.

1. Android: Netrunner, a resurrection of the legendary card game Netrunner, arrived on my doorstep. The best parts?

  • It comes with 7 preconstructed decks (4 corporation, 3 runner), so you don’t have to worry about deckbuilding out of the box. It’s like receiving 4 starters of the old Netrunner decks.

  • Deckbuilding itself is simplified by the faction and influence rules, which take after those from Blue Moon.

  • Better rulebook than the original.

  • The art is wonderful.

2. The second volume of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon also arrived. The story deviates from the anime quite a bit, with less filler and more getting to important character turning points and action. I think I’m going to order the rest of this series.

3. I took some joy in unraveling my dreams from last night. Not the mystical stuff; more down-to-earth cause and effect: what caused/inspired me to insert this or that aspect into my dreamscape/dream story?

4. Enjoying Film Critic Hulk’s musings on storytelling, which apply to any kind of storytelling, not just film. A lot to think about, particularly the smashing of the three-act structure and the Hero’s Journey.

Thing I like about myself: bleagh. For the nth day in a row.

AJIP (AJ Improvement Program): need to start making bento again. I drained almost the last of my Tao of Tea Peppermint preparing a brew to soothe my stomach after misadventures in the local cafeteria.

Basically this will involve sleeping earlier, so I can wake earlier, so I can leave work earlier, so I can actually cook when I arrive home, and have leftovers for lunch the next day. Tomorrow I think I’ll make some Mabo Tofu (made with Bob’s Red Mill GF TVP soaked in beef broth) on rice. And I’ll make plenty of extra rice so I can have fried rice with shrimp (I have a bunch of little ones frozen) the next day.