Commit log #49


Three good things, by gods.

1. I cooked dinner for myself, and I have a lunch for tomorrow. YAYS! (Wednesday is the nadir of edible food for me in the cafeteria. Bleagh.) Plenty of rice left over for fried rice tomorrow, too!

2. Read through the rules for Android: Netrunner and played a game with two preconstructed decks. It was quite fun, and a close call as per usual for Netrunner. It was pretty fun, and I remembered how many different types of counters there were! OMG. So that’s two fun LCG’s for me (the other being Lord of the Rings).

3. Reading through Screenplay Writing 101 by Film Critic Hulk. One thing that struck me was the focus on writing with a higher goal in mind, a very high bar indeed. Saying something about the human condition; finding that inspiration that powers you through the slog of writing; and more.

4. Mantano Reader is ideal for highlighting and note-taking. At least the premium version is; dunno about the free version anymore. I plan to use it for my Online Writing Workshop critiques.

Thing I like about myself: bleagh.


  • Fried rice for tomorrow. I think Fridays may be Veggie Grill days, to keep the specialness of that mac & cheez special.

  • Getting through critiques for OWW. I owe people them, and have decided to do twice the work. That’s four pieces for over 8k words to critique.