Commit log #53


Three good things.

1. I got the goodNite app to work with WhiteNoise to deliver kitty snoozes/grandfather clock/crackling fire for four hours to sleep to, and then announce the morning with gradually a volume increasing Sailor Moon Sailor Stars song. I am quite happy about that.

2. There’s a shop local for a charity donation thing going on in the main street of the island, 20% off stuff at participating stores. I picked up some more supplies for a trip (a traveling umbrella, for one thing), and then picked up Asara, and have not regretted it.

3. Asara is now my favorite worker placement game. Immediate execution of actions lightens and shortens the game, as opposed to delayed execution (planning phase is separate from action phase) which tends to lengthen games past the 60 minute mark. Not so for Asara. Asara also combines worker placement with a follow-suit mechanic (workers are cards) for a fresh take on the worker placement mechanic. The art is quite good, and it’s surprisingly fun to build towers.

Thing I like about myself: any example I come up with has counter-examples of some of the most shameful moments in my life. My bartender tells me to treat these incidents and also the less savory aspects of my character with the compassion I would give a stranger. Which I guess I don’t have enough of in the first place, which is a bit of a problem.