Commit log #52

Almost the number of cards in my new Sailor Moon playing cards!

Three good things.

1. I picked up all the Sailor Moon Kodansha Comics translations available, in one fell swoop. Take that, impulsive … oh. Also picked up a couple of salmon musubi for maximum nostalgia.

2. Cows. I’ve a unique shirt that I wore today, featuring a row of cartoon cows dancing through fantasy and SF tropes courtesy of Crossed Genres. As a work-worthy shirt that’s still awesome, it worked wonders.

3. Bartender appointment. They’ll soon be very scarce, so I’m treasuring the ones I have right now. I’m not ready to talk about this one (or the previous one) in all that great detail.

Thing I like about myself: I am often honest. I don’t like to cheat people for any reason.

I’m going to bed now. I feel like crud.