Commit log #54

Three good things:

1. Ran through the rest of the available Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon volumes, and enjoyed the experience very much. The manga moves a lot faster than the anime, and lacks silly villains. There’s less forgiving and more blowing up; there are fewer attacks based on cake or exam sheets, and more Lovecraftian entities invading our space-time. There’s less unbelievable confusion of identities (people figure out resemblances pretty quickly in the manga, whereas it took on Clark Kent-esque levels of incredulity in the anime), and Tuxedo Mask plays a larger role. He also doesn’t throw a single rose (although his little puppet self that he gave to Chibi-usa has a rose… now, I don’t know why he keeps a puppet of himself at all, and it happens in both the manga and the anime…), although I’m not sure that “Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber” is an improvement.

2. Interest in Lord of the Rings: the Card Game is rekindled. I’m buying (on points only, no money spent!) the rest of the expansion packs available. I wish I could keep up with three LCGs (including Android: Netrunner and Call of Cthulhu), but man, it’s a bit much. It’s something to look forwards to in the evenings.

3. I dunno. I feel lost.

Thing I like about myself: I don’t throw kitties under buses.

And so to bed.

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