Commit log #55


Three good things! (Note: not counting work things. I don’t want to get trapped in work = life again.)

1. Received a limited hardcover edition of Grim Tides, the most recent Marla Mason book, signed by Tim Pratt himself. I was reminded of the best thing about receiving hardcovers, back in the day. This will be one of the few physical fiction books I keep around.

2. My Sailor Moon lanyard arrived! I am pleased, even if the lanyard is a rather wide ribbon. The ribbon’s fabric feels nice and soft, not like the rougher material of my usual lanyard. Naturally, it screams SAILOR MOON from across a room. Too bad my favorite senshi, Sailor Pluto, is not on it; but at least Sailors Uranus and Neptune are.

3. I discovered, through the Dice Tower’s news segment, a highly entertaining, well-run board gaming podcast called Flip the Table that’s sort of like Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap, except for board games! “We play it, so you don’t have to.”

4. I’m discovering that I rather like the rest of the Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars Best soundtrack CD. It took me a little while to figure out the katakana representation of “Tuxedo Mirage”. The song is much sadder when you know the lyrics.

Thing I like about myself: I don’t throw puppies under trucks.

And now more bird pictures (from 吳姐夫’s photostream) because peeps I know like bird pictures and these are awesome. ^.^

DSC_0406.jpg DSC_0400.jpg DSC_0376.jpg DSC_0308.jpg