Commit log #58


Three. Good. Things. After a night of some of the worst insomnia I’ve ever had. I don’t even.

1. Sentinels of the Multiverse while waiting for card pages and binder to arrive so I can organized my LotR:TCG collection so I can actually find cards I need for deck-building. I discovered a 2-player variant that I’ll sculpt as solo player with two heroes. Playing with three or more heroes is a bit too brain-blustery for me.

2. End the run.

3. End the run.

Thing I like about myself: I do NOT throw nets around baby dolphins.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #58

  1. And you love hummingbirds!

    I have the feeder – and masses of flowers for the little guys (and gals – though I don’t see them as often). They love the red spiky flowers of the Bee Balm the best – perfect for their little beaks.

    I raise the bottom of the Venetian blinds that block the southern sun in my writing office so that I can see them flitting around – and two males chasing each other – and keep the camera handy. A day with a hummingbird is already a good day.

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