Commit log #59


Three good things.

1. Dominion night was awesome. At least, the second game was; I didn’t win it, but I did get to see someone trash his colony because the situation was such that it would give him more points to do so (he had a forced Bishop and enough money to buy a second colony that turn). I saw a Golem turn interact with too many Transmutes such that, painfully, someone had to trash one of their golds for pretty much no advantage. I myself turned four Bands of Misfits into Chancellors solely for the additional funds to buy a colony.

If you want to experience our game, here’s the set-up:

– Colonies & Platinum
– Rogue (Dark Ages)
– Band of Misfits (Dark Ages)
– Scrying Pool (Alchemy)
– Transmute (Alchemy)
– Spy (Original)
– Bishop (Prosperity)
– Chancellor (Original)
– King’s Court (Prosperity)
– Moneylender (Original)
– Golem (Alchemy)

2. I received my binder and the Ultra Pro pages to organize my LotR:TCG collection. Quiet time is quiet.

3. Friends.

Thing I like about myself: I don’t bring small animals to pee on my bartender’s carpet.