Commit log #68

Harvest Moonlight

It’s fall. Although the rain hasn’t yet started.

Three good things:

1. Blissful sleep! I slept in sunlight most of the day. I guess last week tired me out.

2. Playing games, in particular Sentinels of the Multiverse. And found a cool hit-point tracker designed specifically for the game.

3. Learning CoffeeScript. Though I need to pick up jQuery as well so that I can actually start to manipulate HTML5 elements.

4. Puella Magic Madoka Magica. A dark subversion of the magical girl anime (e.g. Sailor Moon meets Faust). JesuOtaku has a review. This counts as my hour of investment in story.

Someone warned me about using too many gods in my fantasy story about gods and how people dislike that sort of thing. I can kind of understand it from a “deus ex machina” point; it’s easy to let the power-levels go out of control.

I really need to get this thing written out so I can go back and revise the bits and pieces to drop in better foreshadowing. What I’m writing needs many weaves to get it right.