Commit log #77

That would be the first of 3x good things, where x = 2. I have to keep this up, it seems to be the kind of running that keeps me alive. For some reason this song speaks to me at this time.

2. I discovered that there actually is a point to installing the Audible app on my iPhone. It’s tons nicer than the audiobook “capabilities” of iTunes. AND IT HAS ACHIEVEMENTS. I have earned three so far!

3. At the moment, I feel like I’m learning more from listening to audiobooks of fiction than I did reading them. I think my brain takes convenient speed shortcuts when processing text on the page, but an audiobook makes me listen to the cadence of words, experience the tension of scenes, etc. Listening to Redshirts was rewarding in part because I could hear what was good contrasted with what was bad. (Scalzi’s humor beats are perfect, but he needs to work on his dialogue markers. Seriously. “He said” and “she asked” disappear on paper, but come back with a vengeance when heard.) Likewise, listening to Welcome to Temptation lays bare the pacing and crisscrossing character relationships that Crusie employs.

It’s akin to the difference to reading Shakespeare, and seeing his plays performed.

… my book expenses are going to skyrocket if it’s true that I need to listen to fiction to extract all lessons therein.

4. I have had the fortune of watching a high-quality anime where this is the boss music and this is the battle music. Puella Magi Madoka Magica, people. It makes my heart go BOOM.

5. The rains have come, which helped break my depression (a little bit?). Unfortunately, so have the winds. Pause while I go get Day Breaking. Ok, back now. By the way, this is Day Breaking.

6. Right. Going to listen to the rest of Temptation. Enjoying it immensely. Although I’m not sure about the sex. Sex always reads/listens weird to me.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #77

  1. Your expenses don’t need to skyrocket just to listen to audio versions. Amazon now offers discounted Audible versions when a Kindle book is purchased, for example

    However, there’s a wealth of options out there besides Audible. Podiobooks , ($25/mo all you can listen audiobook subscription service), plus the tons of great short fiction available on the big podcasters like EscapePod and PodCastle

    There’s also, dare I say it: The Library. Lots of audiobooks are available electronically, more if you can coax your Mac to play WMA, but you can also just go check them out off the shelf.

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