Commit log #78

Three good things.

1. Welcome to Temptation rolls along quite well. Sometimes literally. I never thought sex or pool scenes would be so character developing. I think the most memorable explicit sex scene until now that I’ve read was from Snow Crash ten years ago—memorable in its awfulness. The difference between that and Crusie’s writing is rather like night and day.

2. Soon the first reviews of Puella Magi Madoka Magica from Mark Watches will show up (on Thursday). Anticipation!

3. I wrote over 1500 words last night. Won’t do it again today, need some time to rethink this second part, which I’ve been fighting to get right. It’s radically changed from iteration to iteration, and suddenly I realized that Kinaktak had been in the wrong place in her character arc to meet Psann. Funny, isn’t it. Ah, me, why must I fail basic character psychology?

4 thoughts on “Commit log #78

    • It kinda feels good, except for the bits where I still stumble about trying not to commit basic mistakes (tell instead of show during parts that really need that principal applied, which is most of the time).

  1. This isn’t failing at character psychology. This is you *learning* character psychology. For many people, writing turns out to be one of those things that one can only learn by doing — that is, thinking about the story and the characters is not enough. Actually writing down chunks of story is necessary to make the [problems / room for improvement] visible.

    • Thanks for the different point of view on my points for improvement! I guess this is like crystalizing software designs on paper (or whatever); whatever associative mess in your head, now it needs to make sense (or something). The matters of technique suddenly matter a hell of a lot.

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