Commit log #82

Six good things, since I missed the previous day.

1. Have fallen asleep to audio books. A little annoying because I forget to set sleep mode but good. I’d relisten to Crusie any time.

2. Earned more Audible badges, including the diamond level of a couple. It’s weirdly rewarding.

3. Two credits to spend on audio books. I’m thinking more Crusie.

Well. I can’t make it up to six. Haven’t been doing enough cool stuff to warrant six. I guess a weekend full of audio books is not bad, but it’s only delayed the depression.  Because it’s not addressing the root cause.

I think it would be bad to travel while depressed. I may cancel my vacation outright. I don’t have people to look forwards to at my destination, so I may just decide to end it in the hotel or whatever. And that would be bad.

There’s other bad stuff that follows me wherever I go too. So it doesn’t really matter where I am.

Right. Back to audio books. For a little while.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #82

  1. I’m never able to make up for lost days – I just figure I survived, and that is good enough. Like a diet – restart right this minute.

    So you started with today’s three.

    Can you switch your vacation? Getting away has its value.

    All I want is to go hiking in the mountains around Seattle again. In college, we never hiked twice to the same mountain lake. Gorgeous. Wish I had taken more photos. Seeing a series of docs – painful one this Wed. – to see if we can’t get the walking right again. And I spent the usable time of this past week stuffing driveway compound into the edges around the driveway, a lovely Fall occupation (once in a lifetime, I swear).

    The audio books sound like a plan. People telling you stories.

    • The restarting is a good point. And the audio books are really quite soothing. And to think I used to turn my nose up at anything that involved audio or video….

      I hope Wednesday’s appointment goes well!

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