Commit log #81

Three good things.

1. I started an Intense Debate profile which I intend to use only for posting comments on Mark Reads and Mark Watches, rather than throwing myself into political debates or something insane like that.

2. I have a pile of Jennifer Crusie books to peruse from Audible and I finally signed up for a platinum account. Two credits per month, better discount, yadda yadda. I’m going to also listen to some audio books from other authors that I’ve stored up… I definitely will check with EscapePod and other places for free short story fun.

I probably will never buy another audio book anthology unless it’s by a single author. Some authors I just don’t like and audio books often don’t name their “chapters” on the assumption that you’ll just listen through.

3. There is a decent Thai lunch place near work that’s a) comforting b) uses coconut milk without guar gum c) uses fish sauce without wheat d) is best value I’ve seen thus far in Seattle e) doesn’t serve too much on a plate f) is incredibly fast g) service is awesome.

4. Bet Me is now my favorite Crusie book.