Commit log #88

My general mindset is not all that much improved from yesterday, but it is improved a little bit. I’m working on the Snowflake Method (step 3) and realizing that my characters suck.

1. My main character’s motivation and goal look the same. This is not a good idea and may mean that I’ve got the motivation screwed up, or rather, haven’t figure it out clearly in a way that differentiates it from a concrete goal.

2. My other main character’s goal may cleave too close to the other’s, or at least it may be smaller in scope. That makes me depressed.

3. At least I’m fairly clear about the antagonist’s motivations, arc, etc.

4. My characters suck in other ways that aren’t clear to me; personality is probably the highest on the list, and most lethal.

Maybe I just suck at fiction. I can spool out a cool idea, but after that things fall apart. Maybe I need to let the characters stew a little longer.

Three good things, right.

1. Beyond Heaving Bosoms was quite entertaining.

2. I’m three books ahead of my reading goal on GoodReads.

3. I have Manhunting to look forward to.

My soul is otherwise crushed, and I hate myself for so many things.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #88

  1. Thinking of you out there in the Pacific Northwest as Hurricane Sandy is hitting out here on the East Coast.

    Don’t hate yourself – hate what happened to you.

    As for motivation, keep asking “If that had been me, why would I have done that?” and your characters’ motivations will eventually come out. “What was so bad in my past I have to deal with it?” is what a character thinks – or tries not to think. If they deal with their problems, one set of things happens. If they avoid their problems, another.

    You could have one character with a similar goal DO SOMETHING and the other AVOID DEALING with it at all cost – same goal, same motivation, hugely different outcome.

    People can be in agreement about 95% of things – and that 5% of disagreement can lead to a bitter feud.

    You’re writing. You’re thinking about characters and their problems. This is all better than not.

    And you have time to read or listen – that’s a blessing, even if it comes with other problems.

    Take the time to make something special to eat.

    I’m going to bake brownies – in case we lose power. I got a shower – don’t have to face the hurricane with grungy hair.

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