Commit log #89

Mindset: depressed. Sleeping the vacation away, it seems, which is also depressing. Need to do things tomorrow, I will. Kitchen cleaning, most likely, since I need to prepare sustenance while at home for this extended period of time, and I can’t just make peanut butter riceballs all the time or eat hot GF cereal.

Slowing banging on the snowflake method. Probably won’t finish the full thing before NaNoWriMo.

Three good things:

1. Mark Watches Puella Magi Madoka Magica and also Mark Spoils. I’m enjoying engaging with the community in both places, and connecting with others is pretty damn important right now.

2. I had my first chicken tamales in a long long while. Avoiding the Thai Greasy Spoon due to poor, poor service (they’re understaffed so it’s understandable, but I really don’t need to wait for an hour before being served and then another hour to be given a check).

3. I had a pleasant mid-day dream. Which I don’t really remember anymore, but it was pretty good.