NaNoWriMo Day 7

No new words, but I thought I would drop in some links for folks, and a little advice I learned from Lani Diane Rich that is helping me punch through a really bad day—associate music with your story. Set this music on loop/repeat whenever you think or write your story. This, of course, may not be possible for some folks, since music can be as distracting as it is an excellent thought trigger, but I find it becomes a weirdly comforting background buzz that links me, on some level, to my story.

My reading list as I weep into the night:

Dan Harmon talks story:
Story Structure 101: Super Basic Shit
Story Structure 102: Pure, Boring Theory
Story Structure 103: Let’s Simplify Before Moving On
Story Structure 104: The Juicy Details
Story Structure 105: How TV is Different
Story Structure 106: Five Minute Plots

From Chuck Wending:
25 Ways to Fuck With Your Characters. Any writer will want this list, NaNoWrimer or not. Or at least chuckle at it.
25 Things Writers Should Know About Theme. Have your work be about something beyond mere plot.