Commit log #101

Three good things.

1. Linkage. :) The target if you are interested.

2. Caught up with NaNoWriMo! It involved re-outlining a lot of my previous work (2000+ words so far) and writing nearly 3000 more words on the actual manuscript. And with that I’m going to let the girls in the basement figure out what to write next before I go rushing in again. And while I complained about my brain muscle getting exercised out, I still had fun.

3. I’m starting to get better at the writing thing. For one, I’m actually filling out my scenes more. I actually walk in with a plan (albeit it’s a short-range plan via the beat sheet, but it’s still a plan!). I’m starting to realize how to work plot threads and seeing potential in every re-outline that I do of my work. I’m setting up themes and Chekov’s guns and foreshadowing and stuff. Everything is connected (thus far). And I feel like I have enough story to go the distance of at least a novella, if not a full-out novel.

Today’s awe moment: I saw a girl in the local GF bakery with a small toy dragon under her arm. She was absolutely adorable. Even when she threw a tantrum. I am definitely grateful for my cows.