Commit log #104

Three good things.

1. I’m apparently writing a series called Writing Dissonance, wherein I take apart some of the things written about writing that I just don’t get. The first two posts here (independent characters) and here (Freytag’s pyramid/triangle).

2. I can still write to order.

3. I made it through another day of NaNoWriMo after some excitement and stuffs.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #104

  1. “apparently I write 1,666 words in just barely under an hour and a half.”

    That is very good to know about yourself: you can – because you have done it. It isn’t a fluke – you’ve been doing well with the challenge.

    Very few people can do it day in, day out; I’m definitely not one of them. It is hard to be patient while my brain makes it back from the extra exertion of vacation – but I have no choice. But: I HAVE survived, I WILL survive.

    Enjoy the progress – looking forward to seeing some of it when it’s ready. I’m looking forward to serializing the WIP very soon, too.

    • I’m not too surprised I’m doing well; I’ve racked up 120k in a month in the past, but that was when I was writing at breakneck speeds with a lot of miasma stewing around and abouts.

      Survive! You can do it. :)

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