Commit log #105

Three good things.

1. The NaNoWriMo story is going along great. I’ve decided that, after several drafts, I’ll actually send it around and abouts traditional publishing. This is a far cry from the beginning of the month where I decided it was just sacrificial words. I can see an ending, even though it’s far away and several radical drafts down the line.

2. Dropbox has been pretty solid this NaNoWriMo and has only failed me once. It was a pretty decent fail but I got over it and it won’t happen again. (I strongly recommend Write, which auto-saves text and can upload files to Dropbox for easy sharing with your laptop and Scrivener.)

3. I like “Writing Dissonance” as a series title. It’s like Cognitive Dissonance, which is really what I’m talking about, except as applied to writing.

A very writey sort of commit log even though I didn’t write any words on the manuscript.