NaNoWriMo Day 25

43358 / 50000 words. 87% done!

I pushed to an extra day of words, writing over 4500 words in the process. Not 6000, but it’s going on beyond my comfort zone. By now I’ve definitely reached the 40k I was originally aiming for, and so cutting should be nice… or not. I’m starting to see how to spin this narrative longer and longer, which may not be a good thing—perhaps all these antagonist POVs aren’t necessary, for instance. There’s also plenty of filler that I can drop, like the needlessly precise facts that I’ve been dumping from my mind for better or for worse… mostly for worse.

It’s kind of funny that ever since I created a backstory (of TRAGEDY because that is all I know) for one of my main characters that they have both livened up and chemistry of some kind is being created (which needs to be backed up some more) but it’s just… well, near sex scene. Never thought I’d go there. I blame romance novels, partly. It’s fun to see them like each other, growing closer and all that. Might be a little saccharine at that.

I feel a strong need to write a sick/comfort possibly apocryphal fic between them. It’ll remain private because y’all don’t need to bear through that. And it’ll need to happen after NaNoWriMo because, y’know, time crunch.

Only 6,642 more words to go until I hit the finish line. Let’s see if I can DO THIS.