Commit log #116

Three good things:

1. 4.6k words written today alone, which makes for… a lotta words written this weekend. Yay!

2. I took a good walk. Granted it was freezing and because parking was pretty competitive, but I walked. I need to do that more often.

3. Theo makes damned good chocolate that, with the right variety, has no milk in it. Hooray!

4 thoughts on “Commit log #116

  1. I am VERY impressed at your progress and word count. Way to go.

    Do you make use of much of the support the organizers arrange? I’m not good at group things, but I’ve often wondered whether that helps those who choose to participate. Other than in providing a deadline and a ‘prize.’

    I’m having some success putting a quarter aside for a special purpose (professional editing) for every quarter hour I use Freedom to block internet access and write. It seems to provide just the right little extra push. Not that I probably couldn’t afford at least some editing, but that it is a want, not a need, and I have a hard time giving myself presents.

    Hope the rest of your week writes well.

    • Thanks!

      No, I don’t take advantage of the events and suchlike. I don’t even visit the forums; they are a depressing series of echo chambers multiplied to the umpteenth degree. I think the write-ins would be useful, though I’ve never been to one. Writing is a lonely biz, and temporarily being in the company of others sharing the same misery goal is probably nice.

      I am thinking of joining in the fun with ROW80, which is much more flexible with goals as long as they’re measurable, updated weekly instead of every damn day. Although I’m seeing a lot of, “Oh, well, I’m not going to make it….” in the check-in posts, which is a bit worrying.

      Perhaps we can have our own check-ins? I do not know. I think I’m going to keep up this writing check-in stuff, maybe even on a daily basis, because it’s fun.

      • I’d seen Row80 before, lost it. Just went again – and I think I’m ready. Blog – check. Something to aim for as a goal – check.

        I just corralled all the words written so far into a single Scrivener file, so I’ll do my organizational stuff and join in the next round – Jan. 2013? – if they have one. Coincidentally, my plan has been to post an edited scene twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

        My life is so solitary this may help connect me to other people with goals doing writing.


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