Commit log #118

Three good things:

1. “Sprint”, the dubbed version of “Shissou” from Ouran High School Host Club, is incredibly motivating for me.

2. I’ve discovered three lynchpin songs that I can listen to for mood cues while I write. Eventually I’ll need to find more, and possibly outside of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Right now they’re “Credens Justitiam” for “discovering the world the current character is a fish (or seal) out of water in”; “Conturbatio” for quiet to intense dialogue times involving non-hostile characters; and “Pugna Cum Magna” for the opposite plus action scenes.

3. A local small food hut provider has taken pity on me and provided me with a menu and phone number to call to get dinner set up ahead of time should I choose to do so. I’m not special in this regard, but it is nice.

4. Android’s ability to share data between programs has saved me a ton of time, from directly uploading files to Kindle to writing posts in the stable and clean “Write” app and transferring them automatically to WordPress (and thus skipping the really lousy editor that the WordPress app provides). I like it.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #118

  1. I am not the kind who does better under pressure. I am the kind who falls apart under pressure, and takes ten times longer to do things that absolutely have to be done. And I’m already ten times slower than normal people, so it gets pretty bad.

    No solutions – just sympathy.

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