NaNoWriMo Day 28

46710 / 50000 words. 93% done!



1. I will reach 50k words.

2. I will not be finished with the draft. I tried to turn the reversal of play/counterplay too soon, and there’s a lot of plot to unravel.

3. I will need to use both Aeon and Scapple to figure out all the subplots that are being implied by the main, splitting thread of my draft: from character arcs to smaller arcs to even the main arc (I suspect there is either two main arcs, or else the main arc shifts in nature in the middle somewhere).

4. I will take a December break to do some research, thinking, and organizing.

5. I will return in January to write Draft One.

6. I’ll keep blogging the writing journey, because it’s the only way to keep me on target.

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