Commit log #119

Three good things:

1. I’ve been keeping up with the writing blogging, and it’s really been helping.

2. Ate roast duck for lunch and did not have flashbacks.

3. Bruised knee badly on stairs. A gentle bliss of “the event that caused the pain is over” is filling my head. Because I’m fucked up that way.

4. My main characters like each other! I wasn’t sure that would happen. But now they are like glue to a certain point of obnoxiousness.

And so to bed.

3 thoughts on “Commit log #119

  1. You are a writing like a writing thing — in fact, I believe you’re a writer.

    I totally get #3. I remember walking into a branch once and laughing out loud.

      • You were a writer when you decided to do NaNo, because you were primed to do what you’re justifiably pleased to have done. I average one month a year making jewelry, but I style myself a jewelry designer the other 11. All we do funnels in to all we do. Do be do.

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