Commit log #132

Well. It is (was, at the time of this writing) the 24th of December, Christmas Eve. Things got bad, though not as bad as previous years.

I kept myself distracted by going out, then watching classic Doctor Who, and SF Debris’ reviews of classic and modern Doctor Who, then topping off with watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood‘s OVA, “The Blind Alchemist”, and. I made cheezy sauce (no cheese involved) and made instant Mac & Cheez. And then made cheesy broccoli. Twice. And then made cheezy rice. It’s probably good enough to make for a cheezy pizza.

Thank you folks on Twitter. The morning would have been unbearable without you. So I’d like to thank you.

Right now I’m very tired, which I want so that I can sleep. Because I’m so scared that wearing myself out and then taking an Ambien will be the only way I’ll doze off.