Commit log #136

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GF DF EF chocolate chip cookie dough. Note: do not eat raw dough. It is not good. At all.

so worried about the cookies. What if they don’t spread in the oven? Was the baking soda OK? Did I combine everything right? Argh. 11 mins

In the meantime, trying to do things like cook rather than fall apart into stress. It’s lower than yesterday but it spikes a lot.

Cookies did not spread. They are instead tiny chocolate chip cakes. This is not that bad of an outcome but I wonder what went wrong.

Another batch at 25ºF less (it is a tiny oven, so it tends to be more intense heat-wise), with bigger cookie scoops rather than teaspoons.

Conclusion after observing 2nd batch and reading recipe again, which calls for “ice cream scoops” rather than teaspoons: they don’t spread.

Other thought as I munch on what appears to be a cross between chocolate chip and russian tea cookies: maybe there wasn’t enough liquid.

My these are potent cookies. Very good with vanilla almond milk. Am sure it would go with any milk actually. Cookies & milk. I missed it so!

The baked GF DF EF chocolate chip cookies that do not spread. They do inflate a little.

I discovered that the baking soda is past its date (12/12/12, har har), so that’s a very possible reason why the cookies did not spread.

I’m crying and I can’t stop. I’m so damn scared.

One thought on “Commit log #136

  1. You might try a bit more fat – that is probably what makes the cookies spread.

    Applesauce (or in the case of daughter, pear sauce because she’s allergic to apples) also makes the crumb more tender, but doesn’t help the mouth feel when it’s used instead of some or all of the fat. More liquid may help.

    But baking soda doesn’t get ‘old,’ as there is nothing organic in it. Supposedly it absorbs odors, but I wouldn’t worry about its age.

    Sending cyberhugs.

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