Commit log #140: Prepping my own dinners at long last

Things to do:

  • Find a big enough box to store the Christmas ornaments so I can take down the tree eventually. I bought a bunch of new ornaments (cheap, but they look pretty nice).

  • Post my Doctor Who watching notes to this blog.

  • Buy more groceries within my price range.

  • Reorganize the pantry. I have old cheap teas to throw out, sadly.

It’s absurdly simple to prepare panaeng tofu. I’ll include the recipe shortly. I’m feeling content with my stomach full of this stuff.

ETA: The recipe is here.

Tomorrow I’ll eat the rest of the panaeng tofu, and the sizzling “pork” noodles can wait. In other news, the TVP-veggie-egg recipe did not work out so well. You really need something that will hold together as the base with a bunch of liquid poured on top, so next time I’ll splurge for turkey sausage or similar. It’s decent enough to eat for protein in the morning, though.