Commit log #142: Advantages to Being Sick as a Dog

So yesterday I got so, so sick that I threw up. This went on with dry heaves until 3am, which totally screwed over my ability to drive into work. Or to work. Or to stay awake. I hadn’t gotten that sick in a long time, indeed, back when I was eating dairy and wheat (and I’d still get sick despite Lactaid, so it’s probably a milk protein that does me in).

As a result I had a pleasant enough Friday convalescing. It’s strange to describe such an affair as “pleasant”, but the bulk of the misery was over after five hours of illness, and the relief to merely be exhausted as hell must have affected my mind.

I did do some work at the end of the day, to finish off some things. I’m glad I could do that; lately I’ve been affected by something that convinces me I can’t do anything right and kicks my anxiety into overtime. I feel better when there’s no pressure—another reason today was more or less a nice day in spite of the bad beginning.

I made dairy-free herbed cream cheez for the third day. This stuff runs out quickly, so I doubled the recipe. It’s best to do the cashews in batches in the small Ninja cup, then add it to the bigger Ninja blender jug.

And then, ’cause the mania had set in, I made dairy-free ricotta in the hopes of using it soon in some pasta recipes. It’s also quite nom and very, very rich.

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  1. I have known at least one person who was diagnosed with an allergy to casein ( a class of proteins in milk). So non-lactose-based problems with dairy are known to science.

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