Commit log #143: A Pantry is an Amazing Device

So today Amazon returned to me songs I thought were lost along with their CDs, with Auto-Rip. I’ve got my Anything Box CDs from my college days in the cloud, the full rip of the Les Miserables 10th anniversary concert that I bought and never received, the non-album special tracks for Michelle Branch, and the bonus tracks from Within Temptation.

So right now I’m listening to “On My Own” by the Japanese Eponine, who is wonderful and powerful.

Today I made Slow Cooker Rose Wine Beef Roast to start using up the little cache of rose wine I bought by accident instead of white wine. I used a homemade fajita seasoning mix (and the cornstarch it contained also thickened the sauce, alongside the onions, so I actually have a sauce instead of just thin juices). I also made Quinoa Granola, which was amazingly easy and went well with the plain soy yogurt I had bought.

Now that I have the tools to make my own soy milk easily, I’m thinking of turning that milk into yogurt. Easiest way to approach this is to buy a yogurt maker, since keeping temperatures stable in a narrow range is needed for good results.

What to make tomorrow, given that the roads may be iced over and there may be no sun to thaw them out? If I can get out of the house, I may try for a slow cooker pork tenderloin dish. Either way, I’ll try for a baked mac & cheez entree.

Um, veggies…. yeah, I’ll try for some as well. I’d forgotten them entirely.

Oh! I cleaned out my pantry of a LOT of expired tea and other spoiled goods, and am finally organizing it with new stuff that had been sitting out under the dining table for… quite some time now, sadly. I hope to get the rest of it out tomorrow, and then maybe get around to some more cleaning.

Lots to do. Less time to think about problems.