Commit log #145

Today after work (I caught a lucky break because the team meeting got cancelled so I could go home more or less on time) I went to the Night Owl session of the rented office space because there was a social event there. If you can believe it, it was an art session involving collage-making and scrap-booking.

I’ve never done either before, but I decided to do some because I need something to work out my novel’s new direction (or possibly old direction if I decide to take it that way, but life has reminded me that it can beat me up real good, so new direction is where I want to go).

I’m using a small children’s board book (a religious one) to scrap over. I did the cover. It has a cow picture and a back-cover-and-binding that’s art paper imitating the skin of an orange, complete with rumply texture. Hopefully it will all stick together properly. I would take a picture but it’s down in the car and it is rather cold and also late (early) so I will take a picture later.

Work is being weird. I’m kind of relieved I’ll be heading to the rented office space tomorrow, because yow, weird.

I finished The True Meaning of Smekday, a delightful little novel. I think I’m going to read more delightful little novels. I don’t know if I have it in me to write delightful little novels but I want to because life is too awful and I don’t know that I can stand to write a depressing book.

One thought on “Commit log #145

  1. “I could go home more or less on time”

    that’s the key to feeling sane: getting rest, getting alone time, getting leisure time.

    Too little of that, and I’m running on empty, mortgaging the future to survive the day. Not a good idea for long periods of time – even if you think you CAN.

    I see the DH doing this with his job, week after week of not being caught up, week after week of stress. I have a bad feeling about it.

    Going of to take Nap#2 for the day – I have PT after, and can’t do it right without the naps (the pleasures of living with CFS).

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