The Start of My First Scrapbook

My first scrapbook. It’s not very impressive because I pretty much use one big picture with one cut-out for my compositions.

My first scrapbook: front cover

Front cover: cows. Because it’s my scrapbook, darn it.

My first scrapbook - back cover

Back cover: pimply orange, because it struck my eye and had an interesting tactile feel. I think that’s so far what strikes me about scrapbooking; it can be a very tactile experience in a way that’s not replicated digitally.

My first scrapbook - what I'm scrapping over

The original page 2 of the board book. It’s a “First Noel” type story, told through a children’s play. I read through it. It’s kind of cute, but also not anywhere near Sandra Boynton’s level. Moo Baa La La La has more humor, wit, and whimsy. And also cows. Less religion, obviously.

My first scrapbook. Unfinished page 1.

Page 1 has been scrapped over with this bleakness. It represents Morning Gull Bay in the Land of Birds. In reality it’s sunny but Psann’s depressed over his situation. Which is putting it mildly. I do not know how to inject humor into this part of the story.

Not everything is here. I wanted a big black fin cut from the appropriate paper (or at least some appropriate paper) but I don’t have any good enough on hand.

My first scrapbook. Page 2.

Page 2 is finished. It’s the Land of Birds, with a wing cut out from white-and-gold paper. The dotted lines and leaves kind of form a feathery wing. Or possibly it’s the wind. Whatever, it’s the Lady of Owls.

I did some more research on owl stories in Inuit tales, and there’s one about the Owl and the Raven painting each other (which goes… quiiiite wrong). Which makes me think for a while, because looking at the two-page spread, suddenly the idea of a duality came to mind.

But I still need black paper. Bah. Back to the paper and craft store tomorrow.