Dolls: Doctors 5 – 8 Through Chibi Maker

The rest of the Classic Who Doctors, through the magic of *gen8’s Chibi Maker. I’m disappointed that Seven isn’t better, but his more subtle costume plus hat that doesn’t exist in Chibi Maker’s palette means that he won’t look like himself. Oh well.

5th Doctor 6th Doctor 7th Doctor 8th Doctor

Speaking of dolls, I also made dolls of Holmes and Watson from Elementary:

Elementary Sherlock Holmes Elementary Joan Watson

4 thoughts on “Dolls: Doctors 5 – 8 Through Chibi Maker

  1. Cute dolls – just wondering how the dollmaker is doing.

    The bad parts aren’t your fault, the good stuff is to your credit. The ratio keeps going in the right direction.

      • Wish there were something I – and your other readers – could do.

        Sending cyberhug – very safe.

        Brain hasn’t been working the last couple days – I finally gave in today and read a book, then went to yoga. Oh, and one load of laundry. Waiting for the chinchilla to come out and play – she tolerates brief amounts of petting while getting her small number of treats (delicate digestive systems). She is so SOFT.

        I will try again tomorrow: I want to start posting my novel on my blog, but only if I don’t get behind – so I have to make sure the new working environment is stable and the brain is capable of a scene a week. I have about 50 in reserve – which tells you how bad it gets sometimes (that I would need that big a stash).

        The operative part is: try again tomorrow.

        Long term illness is a pain – I see no particular usefulness to my writing, and I can’t do other stuff. Very annoying.

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