Commit log #146

Life has kinda gone to hell so I might as well start these again, as in the past they really did help, although I don’t feel like doing “three good things” because I feel like the approach belonged to another era, and I don’t deserve to do it anymore.

So the broadband (really broadband) internet has arrived, and now I’m watching Elementary and movies and utilizing as much of the bandwidth as possible. It’s nice that the ping times are so low, and I really wish that I’d had this while I was still doing YouTube videos for Spiral Knights; it wouldn’t have taken half an hour to upload videos. I’ve got to cancel the DSL line now, and maybe scale down the cable internet because I really don’t need all that shizzaz. Just enough to watch Netflix and Amazon Instant Video and whatever else comes my way on my laptop, my Asus tablet, or my Nexus tablet.

I look forwards to Wreck-It Ralph getting released in March, on both DVD and Amazon Instant Video. It makes me giggly inside, because it’s such a good movie. I don’t have quite the same nostalgia for video games as I do for regular toys, but it’s still good fun all the same.

Meanwhile Elementary has been more enjoyable on a consistent basis than Sherlock, although Sherlock is much better at the mysteries and grandstanding, Elementary outshines it in character work.

I’ve begun playing board games again, especially after clearing a big swath of space so that the cable guy could install the internet, and have found Asara to be loads of fun, and thus far my favorite worker placement game to end all worker placement games. The worker placement mechanic is quite novel, with players having access to multiple colors of workers rather than just a single player color, and color screw being a constant consideration when assigning workers to different areas of the boards to pick up tower pieces or execute special actions. And the game isn’t overly long, too. I would trade in both Caylus and Pillars of the Earth… in fact, I probably will at some point.

I’m looking forwards to some solo games arriving, and the next game in the Pocket Battles series. I’ll need to add it to my Pocket Battlelizer for glory and justice. As well as another non-solo game, Seasons, which I’ve heard good things about.

On the food front, I’ve discovered I need to lose serious amounts of weight. That project is, I feel, going to take a year and require me to do more than just lower my food intake, but to become more active. I can probably become more active just by cleaning the house more and going on regular walks. With my membership at the local office shop I also have a discount for membership in the gym, so I’m… thinking about that as well.

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