Commit log #150

I need to get back on track with doing these things.

The good

I am spoiled for choice in the food area. I got a bunch of oranges to snack on, and they’ve been helping me stay full. I have a variety of soy yogurt to choice from, and some home-made oat-free gluten-free wheat-free granola to put on it. I’ve got small cute easy-to-eat apples. I can make rice cooker pasta complete with either dairy-free risotto cheez or “parmezano” sprinkles, Panaeng Tofu, red wine and mushrooms risotto, garlic-chicken congee, rice cooker beef plov, vegetarian chopped liver and matzos to put it on, salads, vegetable stir fries, rice noodles prepared any number of ways (including the very simple “dump some sauce on them”), sizzling “pork” noodles, mushroom omelets, miso soup, gluten-free dairy-free bagels with dairy-free herbed creme cheez, dairy-free grilled cheez sandwiches, shanghai golden rice, shrimp fried rice, dairy-free oat-free smoothies, “oatmeal” made from rolled roasted rice flakes, dairy-free hot cocoa, vegetable mini-pizzas or plain mini-pizzas, cinnamon sugar gluten-free wheat-free dairy-free bagels… it’s so hard to decide where to begin! It’s all so yummy in mah tummy! I’m not even counting desserts like Earl Grey tea cake and rum apple spice cake and various cookie recipes I need to try again.

Plus I’m getting fond of cooking, especially since I bought a nice knife sharpener. It’s something I can do and produces something physical I can use.

I started dieting two weeks ago and have lost 2-3 pounds.

I have a ton of ebooks coming my way.

I still need to play Seasons which ought to be fun.

My CGI scripts are now actually faster, and I made some code changes to the Pocket Battles Battlelizer.

The bad

Still get suicidal feelings from time to time. They’re lessening somewhat, and I’m learning to distract myself with shiny things whenever they come up. I don’t cook during this time though (shaaaarp knives now).

I haven’t been writing. Been busy cooking and cleaning and basically procrastinating away.

The ugly

I may need to drop this category, or do it as an occasional thing when something really merits being ugly.

2 thoughts on “Commit log #150

  1. Glad to hear you’re eating well again – that goes a long way toward making you fell better.

    I’m trying to learn to eat more normally – so lost weight doesn’t come back – and normal eating is very scary.

    • I’ve been finding eating less scary with MyNetDiary, which is a weird name for a calorie and nutrition tracking app, but there it is. It auto-adjusts your calories for your weight, gives you achievements per day for doing various things (burning calories, eating a high fiber breakfast, eating a lotta fiber, etc), and has access to a truly ginormous database of food nutritional data.

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