Commit log #151

Argh, this fucking weekend.

The bad

Nightmares. Saturday was the worse of the days, nightmare-wise. Sunday was one of the quiet nightmares, where I’m not getting constantly beaten up but where I didn’t escape my parents either. I really wish I’d stop having these shitty dreams, but of course I won’t. They’re just going to be there, and I have to learn to live with them.

Fuck that noise.

The good

… has been sparing because of the reaction to the nightmares occupying so much brain space. The Mark Spoils community has been awesome and supportive. It’s very strange to be uplifted by a community, but I guess that’s what the internets are for—and the right community. This wouldn’t have worked in just about every other online community I’ve been part of.

I found a solo variant for Seasons, currently one of my favorite games for being an awesome mix of 7 Wonders and Magic: the Gathering. I’m ready to move onto Mage-level difficulty at this point. Eeeee.

The diet meanwhile continues fine. I’m actually less hungry than I used to be, not more, and that’s because I’m choosing to eat more high-fiber stuff rather than fluff, I think.