Commit log #153

The good

I ate breakfast.

I played some games solo as multiple players: Agricola All Creatures Big and Small. DC Deckbuilding Game. I’m going to try actual solo rules from BoardGameGeek tomorrow, as these are all rather enjoyable games. I’m thinking DC, Agricola ACBS, and Tokaido. Maybe Seasons. Maybe write up session reports; perhaps Lonely Game can be revived again as a solo play game session venture.

I slept and had decent if weird dreams. Boardgaming is coming back into my life with force, especially after my first game night in a long time, so I’m pleased to be dreaming (weird, weird dreams) about it.

Someone told me on Twitter he wasn’t going to give up on me. I don’t know that this will last, but it’s nice for the time being.

I might cook tomorrow.

I’ve found that eating yogurt with fruit and without granola leads to more fiber with less calories and also more fillingness.

The bad

I’m depressed. Maybe I’ll get suicidal again, but on the plus side, probably not.

5 thoughts on “Commit log #153

    • I either play the two sides against each other using similar strategies (only works well in a game with random factors like cards or dice), or I tweak the strategy for each side. I tend to like the randomization factor. There are also solo variants that one can find for many games on Boardgame Geek, which I hope to review on Lonely Gamer.

      • We haven’t had water at my Dad’s house for two days.

        I am going to be able to wash my hair in about 1 liter of water – and bathe – when I get up from First Nap (of the day). Kind of like going camping!

        It sure makes me appreciate water-on-demand in NJ – that, and having lived through Hurricane Sandy.

        Not the end of the world – otherwise the trip is fine. Minor bobbles.

        Just checking up on you – hope things well with you.

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