D20-14 requires some thought

Hmm. I rolled a 14 on my d20, which means a review. But reviews are quite difficult for me to do, as I wish to do the book justice (whether in praising it, in ripping it apart, or in expressing meh in amusing ways).

So instead I will talk about the games I’ve received quite recently and are yet unplayed.

Most recently, I’ve gotten Smash Up, from AEG, which is not so much a deck-building game as one where you smash together themed pre-constructed decks (such as dinosaurs and zombies, or pirates and aliens) and battle with your minions for bases to score points. The expansion has yet to arrive, and I look forwards to a steampunk-plants smash-up.

I also received Survive! Escape from Atlantis, a remake of an older game with far better components. You need to move your people off a sinking island, but the waters are infested with sharks, sea monsters, and whales! Can you get your most valuable meeples to safety? Expansions, also being sent in the mail, will include giant squid and helpful dolphins.

I now have in my hot little hands Mice & Mystics, from Plaid Hat Games, and look forwards to enjoyable times playing as mice that need to battle and escape birds, rats, spiders, and cats!

Last but not least, I have Takenoko, from the designer of 7 Wonders and Tokaido. Colorful bamboo must be cultivated according to your secret goal, but a voracious panda, pet to the Emperor, devours everything in sight! I think.