Looking for Lunch Boxes to Store Games In

Two days ago I received my Double Decktet from The Game Crafter. The quality was quite satisfactory, without any die-cut errors. The stickers for the suit chips were alright, not as misaligned as some I’ve seen on BoardGameGeek. I am really very happy with this set, although I wish the suit chips were smaller, they do fit into the My Little Pony lunchbox neatly.

I also found the cards compact enough to fit in a copy of the Vanessa Tarot to play Gnostica and Zarcana with. There’s little room in the box for rules, but I figure that I can use my Kindle Paperwhite for bought books (like the revised and expanded Decktet Book) and my iPad for the various game system wikis (such as the Decktet Wiki, Icehouse Games wiki, and the Piecepack wiki).

I can actually fit in a few more things, so I’ve been thinking about what to fit. I need some Ice Dice (I have the die face images to make my own with), the World War 5 map, player shields (for RAMbots and possibly other games), and so on. As well as a score track bandana of some sort; not sure where to get one, exactly, but it’s necessary for one of the Decktet games.

I went looking for the Doctor Who metal lunchbox, but it wasn’t available from my local game store (which had them in stock two weeks ago; I guess I should have picked it up then). I wanted to put non-game-system card games in there, like Bohnanza, No Mercy, Fairy Tale, etc. Extra points if I can fit in both Race for the Galaxy plus expansions and Smash Up plus expansions.

Instead I picked up a Star Trek (Classic) lunch box, which is likely to be roomier than the Doctor Who box by just a little bit. I plan to stock it full of card games temporarily, but then move the card games to the Doctor Who lunchbox and store tile-based games in the Star Trek box. I’m thinking Dragons of Kir (along with my second chessboard bandana), flat chess pieces (for me to craft somehow, probably using wooden circles bought from Michael’s or something) along with Knightmare Chess, Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers along with another score track bandana or some such, and so on.

I love this idea of packing as many games as possible into a small space. I’m aware that carrying three lunch boxes is a bit of a drag, but still.

So excited. This will be awesome. I’ll see about posting pictures, glorious pictures, when I’m done packing the Star Trek box.

Hm. Just had another thought. What if I used a lunchbox to pack in as many exclusively two-player games as possible? Like the Kosmos 2-player line? SO EXCITE.

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