I’m Not Yet On a Boat

I haven’t been keeping up with the Delightful program because I’m depressed about work. When three people out of a team of five leave or put in their notice within 30 days of each other, there’s probably something wrong, and I don’t really want to think any farther about that. I spent this week fighting off a severe cold while trying to extract as much information as possible from one of the people leaving. Now that he’s gone, there is little chance I have to get a particular inspection done before… well, before my own departure date. I would have to spend two weeks ramping up… and then I’m gone.

But this week’s frenzy and anger has been replaced by a kind of acceptance. Yes, things are falling apart all around me; but in three weeks’ time it will no longer be my problem. If things work out (next week I have a tense meeting set up to discuss my admittance that six weeks of work will not fit into three) then I can do clean-up tasks and close out my tenure with the team, leaving them in better shape. As it were.

The city is on fire, but I’m on my way to the port and there’s a ferry waiting for me.

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