Pledge Matching for Good Causes

I noticed today a few things, but I’m going to call attention to John Scalzi’s matching of pledges to the Carl Brandon Society, to either the Carl Brandon Society itself or to the Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund, up to $1000. The Carl Brandon Society was created to support increasing the diversity in both the authorship and readership of SF&F.

If you do donate, please visit Scalzi’s post and make a mention in the comments.

I now have an announcement of my own to make—I will be a second matcher up to $1000 of any pledges made in Scalzi’s comments.

Additionally, if you donate to Con-or-Bust, which helps people of color/non-white people to attend SFF conventions, I will match your pledges (made in the comments on this post) up to $500, separate from the matching for the Carl Brandon Society / Octavia E. Butler Memorial Scholarship Fund.

If you do donate to Con-or-Bust, please make note of it in my comments.

Comments here are only to donate to Con-or-Bust, please do not use them for anything else; extraneous comments will be filtered out.

28 thoughts on “Pledge Matching for Good Causes

  1. Thank you for matching fund, Arachne! I’m glad to make a donation to Con or Bust.

  2. I left a comment on Scalzi’s blog, but if you’re doubling, it was $200 for Con or Bust.

  3. We stand at $413 right now, so if we make it past $500 I will match the next $500 received either today or tomorrow! Thank you for all your help and support.

  4. (Okay, that total did not include E Lily Yu’s, this is what I get for composing in a different window–extra match activated, and thank you so, so much!)

  5. I dropped a note at Whatever as well: just donated $25 to this; Confirmation number: 5EU35687J0584771K

  6. Donation Details
    Confirmation number: 9JK76790TV123551T
    Donation amount: $10.00 USD
    Total: $10.00 USD
    Purpose: Con or Bust – Carl Brandon Society
    Contributor: susan ramirez

    Recipient information
    Donations coordinator: Carl Brandon Society
    Contact email:

  7. Don’t have much extra this month, but $5.00 goes to Con or Bust, confirmation number: 6LA84220BL909620V.

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