Currently on My Desktop 20081101

When I was in University, I was a total Linux geek. What’s worse, I was a total Linux X11 window manager geek. That’s fancy talk for someone who likes to tweak with, basically, desktop themes. ((To my geek audience, I know I’m grossly oversimplifying things. I’ll have you know I had an FVWM2 configuration that was hundreds of lines long and involved its own hand-made theming solution, was a Blackbox-derivative hardass for a while, and then was converted to the love of tabbed window bars in TVWM. Also, I really miss the ultra flexibility of sawfish, may it rest in peace.))

Anyways, so I would usually save screenshots of my desktops. Usually I had something like 9 active desktops (that’s workspaces for you Mac OS X fans), although I recall in FVWM I once had 24 (icons in pagers rock). Just sort of to preserve their prettiness. Of course, that all went to hell with the rest of my life a while back. And I switched over to Mac OS X.

Ahem. So. Today, because I’m obviously high on Halloween candy, I’m going to put up some desktops praising the apps, wallpapers, and such that I’m using. Also you can see some of my insanity here, and why I tend to need to use so many desktops. I contain myriad worlds inside me. Or else the medication is finally working. It’s hard to tell right now.

So! without further ado, let me introduce you to My Macbook Pro, which is one of those 15″ widescreen things, glossy screen (love the glossy screen; it is extremely clear and actually doesn’t reflect badly). Just two desktops, the busiest ones right now, because I’m busy hacking S∂’s theme (sssshh).

A bit picture-spammy, so I’m putting the rest of this article behind the cut.

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