PTSD B-day Update #2

Oh dear gods, the nightmares.

I have to sleep a lot today, I have two weeks of sleep debt not even counting today.

The nightmares aren’t stopping. There are too many. And I’m pretty sure I woke up from the last one, but got stuck in a fugue state until someone paged me.

I have never been so glad for such a stupid page to come in.

Obviously trying to live normally is failing a bit, but I will not give up! I could barely operate a toaster and making a rolled omelet was out of the question. Yet earlier I managed a refrigerated boiled egg, jam on toast, and kept it down! Sure, I usually throw it all up late into the night. But not yet.

Oh gods it’s only five minutes to noon.


In other news, I forget how much mood whiplash is on my blog. I wonder what ebook makers who find my tutorials think. Probably that I’m a sick, sick bastard.