Kindle Advent Calendar: Day 20 – How the Little Rabbi Grew

Photography: apesara

How the Little Rabbi Grew
by Eliot Fintushel
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This one’s different from the rest: a Hanukkah story, which is even rarer in the Fantasy/Science Fiction field.

And the child would tell her stories. When he was six, Rabbi Shlomo told her how the Almighty had described to him the exact circumstances of the creation. She listened cross-legged on an old blue quilt she had spread across the couchgrass, and he sat on his knees at the edge of the quilt, half on and half off. If it was cold they would wrap themselves together in the blue quilt, all comfy, like two buns in a broiler, a big one and a little.

If you like Eliot Fintushel’s work, check out a video of him playing the theremin. His first novel, Breakfast with the Ones You Love, is available on the Kindle.

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