Day 29 with the Overherd

Last night, I finally put a chair next to the bed, with the back up against the bed’s door side.

This morning all of the Overherd were still in bed and quite close by. Overcow was next to my pillow, Ike was close by for cuddling, Large Round Cow was resting comfortably against the chair back. Cozy Cow remained on the window side of the bed in hir more stable Pillow Form.

But really, it was like most of the Overherd had washed up like waves against the chair back.

I don’t remember any dreams, but I woke up scared and tense regardless. Not as badly as yesterday, but I still have penalties to all my stats.

At the moment I’m remembering random times in college. Nothing traumatic or flashbacky yet, no parent stuff. I worry it might turn into parent stuff. So I will try to keep busy and not cry.