Gluten Free Tales #3: Fail Bread

This bread is fail. Seriously. If nothing else, it’s taught me that you need to add more liquids and protein to a gluten-free bread. For reals.

Nuchia Foods advertises a chia flour and brown rice flour mix that’s supposed to replace all purpose flour 1:1. They don’t add any other advice apart from “use slightly less water” (unlike Bob’s Red Mill, which says flat out on their All-Purpose Flour, “Yeast breads are a bit difficult”).

So hell. I replaced it 1:1 on the Zojirushi Mini Home Bakery’s Quick Baking Honey Bread. This turned out to be a bit of a disaster. And here are pictures so you may share in the fail.

First off, let me say that while the flour color really is a kind of gray, it’s not that off-putting. It smells very enticing—brown rice flour is enticing to me, and the chia meal added an extra component. I had somewhat high hopes for this bread.

Here’s the flour in the bread machine bucket. This is the traditional setup: liquid ingredients are below (you can’t see them here), the flour and other dry ingredients go on top, and the yeast goes in a little well. Butter in its own spot. Now, I use margarine here and also soy milk powder in stead of dry milk powder—which is an equal exchange of fat for binding and protein as well. So that’s not the issue here.

I double-checked every measure. It looks like this when I use normal bread flour.

And here we go.

Usually the Zojirushi can deal with this without my intervention, but here? I had to help it. A lot. It was starting to grind, and it doesn’t even have to do that on heavy flours, but apparently the chia/rice flour was too heavy even for it.

I ended up paddling it about with a spatula and adding 50% more liquid. The end result is… kind of doughy, rather than battery like a lot of gluten-free breads.

So I let it do its rise thing. Problem: it didn’t rise.

Here’s the result after baking. It’s hideous, isn’t it. The top of that plastic box is where most my breads end up.

(And yes, that’s totally C&C: Ancients in the background on the dining table. I need to get that game played again.)

And inside was… a mess.

Basically it had no crumb. I checked in on the bread—it’s not that it fell, it was just the same size throughout.

The taste was… gods… it was horrible. I chucked the loaf. More like a rock, actually.

I’m not trying this again. However, I’m going to use Bob’s chia seeds to grand into a paste and make a gel for the next bread experiment.

2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Tales #3: Fail Bread

  1. How frustrating. Actually, considering the heavy, unappetizing texture and the gray-speckled appearance, it sounds kind of like you made dwarf bread.

    My last cooking projects were millet with lentils (came out overcooked and not tasting good) and biscuits (came out heavy and not tasting good).

    Better luck with your next experiment. I will be curious how the chia gel works out; I’ve put whole chia seeds into bread, but that method treated them more like a kind of nut.

  2. LOL hahahaha dwarf bread. Oh my. But the throwing scone needs a better shape. Maybe it can use some sandpaper polishing off the top….

    The chia gel has worked out better, although I want a little more time to put together the post. It does go all gloppy, but finding an adequate binder is a bit of a problem.

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