Cauliflower steamed

1.5 cups ’cause I didn’t remember to weigh; 38 calories. This is not a dry food, not really, should have used a covered box.

Brown rice farina

1/4 cup cooked (1/8 cup raw); 75 calories. Does not work with cheese due to texture, I think; needs green onions and veggies

Brown rice mac…

1 cup cooked (1/2 cup dry); 105 calories. Al dente as heck; needs more cooking, as rice pastas seem to do.

… with cashew cheez sauce

I can’t remember if this is 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup; going with the larger option, 100 calories. Tasted quite nice.

Sugar snap peas

Last single oz in the bag, 12 calories

Tangy chedda on farina and in the sauce cup

3 Tbs in all, 58 calories, tastes rather like nacho cheese

(Not pictured) Almond Breeze milk

8 oz, 60 calories

Total calories: 447 (387 in the box).

What I would change: I’d put this all heated into a Mr. Bento or the new Ms. Bento, and have the container warm. Not a good decision to eat most of this lunch cold, save for the sugar snap peas. The sauces themselves would be good hot or cold.

This lunch box actually wheat-free and dairy-free. The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook and Tinkyada pasta FTW.