A Spiral Knights Memory Book

I was always a fan of text MUDs in college, which predate today’s MMORPGs ((Just like text MOOs predate Second Life. The similarities are hilarious at times.)). I’ve never really wanted to get too much involved in those, since I’m particularly susceptible to addiction and, up until recently when I got a MacBook Pro, never bothered to have the graphics capable of running such games.

And then a couple friends of mine got me hooked onto the beta of Spiral Knights, and… man.

Finally. Spiral Knights is a game I can get hooked on in a casual manner, and get my share of leveling, crafting, listening to some of the best game background music ever, exploring a beautiful world full of cute things with sharp, sharp teeth and claws, and killing them in various ways. There are dungeons to run, but such a session can be as short or as long as one wants; I’ve run four levels in less than 20 minutes, once, mostly because they were going to shut down the server in 20 minutes and I wanted my adorable loot, dude. And the game is surprisingly social in a way that’s not too annoying to my generally shy nature; it makes getting a party together to delve into the more difficult depths easy.

It’s quite an interesting game. The grand public opening of Spiral Knights on April 4th will be a good time to check it out for free before you decide whether or not to start investing real money into crystal energy to spend. $4.95 results in 1500 crystal energy, and that actually goes a long way, allowing one to delve and craft to one’s content.

Sadly, because I’ve been part of the beta preview, all my characters (well, my sole character; you can have up to three) and information will be wiped tonight, although I’ll get a head start on creating a new character on the 1st. And because I’m going to be without Spiral Knights for OMG FIVE DAYS, I put together a little memory book for myself. I share it with you beneath the cut.

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My Character

My character before sob wipe.

The armor’s called a Wolver Coat (this one complete with Wolver Cap), and I like its cuteness so much that I’m going to try to get it again. Other armor sets aren’t quite as cute in my eyes, but fortunately one can use a particular armor set as a costume. You can have your Firebreak Helmet and look fashionable too!

Meet Iceburst Brandish.

It looks like a cute fishing rod. It moves quite well as a 3-hit combo sword, however, and I’d have to say it’s my most useful sword. There are a lot of useful swords and other weapons, all different, but there are so many that everyone’s going to end up with their own preferences.

Now meet Kamarin.

This are serious sword, if extremely slow to the point where my melee attack speed boost trinkets only bring it up to normal speed. It it has a two-hit combo, both very powerful, and I love to drive my sweet little critter enemies before my wrath.

Kamarin is actually the result of crafting an upgrade to a sword called Troika. Something wicked named Khorovod is the next step in the so-called alchemical path.

In contrast, one of my friends prefers a sword named Striker, which features a blazing fast 10-hit combo; another prefers an Arc Razor, which also functions as a ranged weapon without being as over-the-top as a Final Fantasy swordgun.

Here’s just one of my favorite things about Kamarin: its particular charged attack (all weapons have different ones).

My character’s back ruff and also Searing Edge.

A lot of charming details went into the design of every piece of armor and every weapon and even weapon effects.

All you need to know about Searing Edge is that it sets things on fire.

The Horned Owlite Shield, and there are also bombs in this game.

It looks a lot like one of those kiddie bento boxes. But with glowing eyes and protection from (some) shock.

Things I Will Miss

The way the Town Square looks in the afternoon light.

The elegant simplicity of crafting.

The depiction of the gates to all those dungeons.

Being able to contribute to a dungeon and influence what appears there.

In high- and medium-level graphics mode, the constantly moving backgrounds.

Starting a dungeon run, sprint, or marathon.

Legend of Zelda-inspired puzzles.

Gift boxes full of loot.

Spikes—wait. I don’t miss those. Except that I do, because they are part of Spiral Knights.

Getting a gorgeous huge chunk of mineral from time to time.

The fighting.

The adorable and yet so, so dangerous enemies.

Leveling items through application of heat, derived from killing said adorable enemies.

And most of all

Kamarin. sob

Until we meet again, Spiral Knights.

17 thoughts on “A Spiral Knights Memory Book

  1. That looks deeply adorable. And, hey, I could always use another adorable video game timesink! I’ll definitely have to try it out when it goes public.

  2. Hee! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so!

    I’m just happy to see another great game from the Ringers, as a old Sage pirate myself. Definitely looking forward to the 1st. :D

    And you, madam, are an addict. (Friday night after work as usual?)

  3. Ugh… Why is every one so obsessed with this game and addicted? Everyone takes this game so seriously, Like dang… Every one who gets addicted to this game is here every day asking for energy! My sister is addicted and she is patient >:O

    • swisH, sounds like you meant this to be a comment on another post. (And one locked for comments too.) Do you mind telling me which post it is before I move it?

    • Ah. I see from my web stats that this is exactly where you meant to put it.

      I just have to say: it’s a good game, shame about how they devalued the real money people spent on it overnight with no warning. If people are asking for energy these days, it’s in that context.

  4. It is a great game… But I don’t want it to become like other games that has started becoming often boring. Like for Roblox and Rumble Fighter well Runble fighter isnt worse. But roblox constantly updates over and over again.

  5. I don’t like games updating over and over again. But, Atleast let the update sink in. Leave it there for a duration of time. Then plan somthing new so we can all be excited about somthing new. Like halo reach. The halo series has gone very far.

  6. That was an amazing memory book of this amazing game. It is funny to think this is in the time that the game is released, but it is cool to see your stuff! I am also in love with the troika series. (Just got a kamarin today, and had my troika for like 2 months; beat tier 1, and half of 2 with the thing. It shall be missed!) Anyways, I hope you can later retrieve or find another kamarin for your adventuring!

  7. so to upgrade your weapons do you have to get them by crafting them,because i have a trolica and i bought from the auction house but do i have to buy the karamin recipe to upgrade it to the karaman?

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