A Spiral Knights Memory Book

I was always a fan of text MUDs in college, which predate today’s MMORPGs ((Just like text MOOs predate Second Life. The similarities are hilarious at times.)). I’ve never really wanted to get too much involved in those, since I’m particularly susceptible to addiction and, up until recently when I got a MacBook Pro, never bothered to have the graphics capable of running such games.

And then a couple friends of mine got me hooked onto the beta of Spiral Knights, and… man.

Finally. Spiral Knights is a game I can get hooked on in a casual manner, and get my share of leveling, crafting, listening to some of the best game background music ever, exploring a beautiful world full of cute things with sharp, sharp teeth and claws, and killing them in various ways. There are dungeons to run, but such a session can be as short or as long as one wants; I’ve run four levels in less than 20 minutes, once, mostly because they were going to shut down the server in 20 minutes and I wanted my adorable loot, dude. And the game is surprisingly social in a way that’s not too annoying to my generally shy nature; it makes getting a party together to delve into the more difficult depths easy.

It’s quite an interesting game. The grand public opening of Spiral Knights on April 4th will be a good time to check it out for free before you decide whether or not to start investing real money into crystal energy to spend. $4.95 results in 1500 crystal energy, and that actually goes a long way, allowing one to delve and craft to one’s content.

Sadly, because I’ve been part of the beta preview, all my characters (well, my sole character; you can have up to three) and information will be wiped tonight, although I’ll get a head start on creating a new character on the 1st. And because I’m going to be without Spiral Knights for OMG FIVE DAYS, I put together a little memory book for myself. I share it with you beneath the cut.

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