Spiral Knights: Postcards from the New World

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Baby knight me, starting all over again.
I use purple as my personal player color because
Rarity’s mane is purple, and she is the bestest pony.

The Groundbreaker helm and armor compare quite favorably
to the beginner Proto helm/armor. (Click to embiggen.)

There are now zombies in the tutorial dungeon! o.o
It’s quite different from the previous tutorial dungeon,
so it should be fun for both old and new players!

The Groundbreaker armor looks kinda spiffy.
Though the helmet makes it difficult for me to tell
which way I’m facing in a dungeon, not a good thing.

The new guildhalls aren’t quite what they used to be,
but more stuff will be added.
Hopefully guilds will get their very own private alchemy
vending machines again, and the door to the Arcade will work.

The backgrounds are particularly well composed with the guildhall balcony.

You know, I don’t miss spikes at all anymore.

There’s always something up with the sun here.

The nights are quite lovely though.

Sometimes the beauty of this place really gets to me.


Troika, and thus potentially Kamarin, is back.

Sadly, the Wolver armor I can’t yet make. I’ll need to delve ’til I find me some more monster bones.